the journey

Foggy Lake


We began the journey on the Great Lake in the morning fog. We had far to go and the early start would mean we would arrive at the camp before sunset.


Morning Heron


Along the way, the lakes shore was clouded in the dense mist. Occasionally we would see a bird or a fish feeding in the coolness of the morning.


Reflected Expanse


The lake was dotted with small islets and presented a spectacular view.


Foggy Trees


As we passed close to some of the islets, we could see that each was its own world, complete with birds and other wild life


Fish Feeding in the Fog


Reflected Fog


River Narrows


What seemed like hours later, we had crossed the Great Lake and entered the mouth of the river that would lead us to camp. After the expanse of the lake, the river's banks felt confining. As they closed in around us, we left the lake behind.


Forrest Fog


Up river two hours, we pulled the boat onto the banks. With our packs loaded onto our backs, we headed inland. As the forrest began to swallow us whole, I turned for one last look at the river and we disappeared into the dense growth.


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