Saturday, my friend Jim and I visited the Indianapolis Museum of Art to see an exhibit of concept cars from the 1930s on up. While there, we wandered through many of the galleries, including this gallery that contained a wonderful sound installation.

Each of the speakers hanging from the ceiling had a different voice. Each voice whispered in what turned out not to be English. The impression that you were given was that of hearing hundreds of voices whispering at one time. To enjoy the experience, I began by sitting on one of the benches in the center of the room and then stood and wandered between speakers to hear the individual voices.

This is the second memorable sound installation that we've had the pleasure to visit in the last couple of months. I am beginning to find, that sound installations can be every bit as enjoyable as more traditional forms of art. I have always been a fan of music, but these installations are an entirely different kind of audio wonder.