Imagined Conversation

It is, I suppose, my nature to imagine conversations between people that I can see, but can’t hear. And so…

Miss Susan: I want the musicians over here, near the hay. I also want the benches around the walls. You will also need to move the corn grinder out behind the barn.

Mr. Carr: Yes’m.

Miss Susan: And Mr. Carr, I hold you personally responsible to see that the fiddle player has no liquor tonight. I will not have him dancing a jig in his union suit as we did last month.

Mr. Carr: Yes’m!

Miss Susan: Not a single drop, Mr. Carr. If I smell any liquor on that man, you won’t see a single pie the rest of the summer.

Mr. Carr: But…

Miss Susan: Not a drop!

Mr. Carr: Yes’m.

urbana balloon festival

Ballons 1

This weekend saw the 7th annual balloon festival in Urbana Ohio. I've never seen a balloon festival, so when my friend, Jim, invited me, I readily agreed.

Hot Air Rises

We got up early to see the morning launch. After having a fine breakfast, we headed to the airport and watched the balloons. The entire experience is beautiful and a little like watching a sporting event in slow motion.

Sun Burner

However, the really beauty began when I returned in the evening to watch the balloons glow.

Light Her Up

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